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   Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in automation technology of high-tech enterprises, enterprise integrated automation system and its key components R & D, production and sales. The company has the core technology and intellectual property rights of key products.

  The company is dominated by high-tech research and development in the field of automation, has strong technical strength, with many well-known institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, well-known enterprises have close relations of cooperation. At present, the company in magnetostrictive technology, strong pollution, high-frequency noise, electro-hydraulic servo system research at home and abroad leading level. The company has been able to manufacture a full range of magnetostrictive displacement (level) sensors, a variety of pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, flow sensors.

  Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co. Ltd. based on the industry to provide the automatic control system of a new generation of sensor components. The R & D center of the company has gathered a number of technical experts and authorities in the field of automatic control and communication technology. In recent years, the company has developed nineteen series, hundreds of varieties of advanced displacement level sensor products, technical performance reached the advanced level of similar foreign, including: KS series - high resolution CNC machine special type displacement sensor, GB Series Compact engineering mechanical displacement sensor, MH series compact sensor, special walking machine KD series - split new energy sensor, are high-tech products, to fill the domestic blank at present, has been widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile, engineering machinery, port machinery, rail transportation, photovoltaic, wind power, building materials and other fields, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

  The company will continue to provide users with new automatic control products and comprehensive solutions for all industries. At this stage the company launched more products and services and the scene, including a new generation of magnetostrictive (level) sensor, magnetostrictive high speed on-off valve, pressure transmitter, temperature sensor, flow sensor etc., our products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries, is widely used in supporting engineering machinery, automotive electronics, compressors, environmental protection equipment, metallurgical machinery, filling equipment, power generation equipment, material molding, shield machinery, coal mine machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. Customer oriented, to provide our customers with fast, high-quality service.

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