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Magnetostrictive displacement sensor in the application of i[17-09-26]
Injection molding machine hereinafter refers to the plastic injection machine. Its working principle is to use the thermoplastic of plastic,so we heat the material through Heating coil to melt materials,then again with high speed, high pres...
Hydraulic vulcanizer industrialization is on blooming time[17-09-26]
With continuous development of Chinas auto industry and tire industry,higher and higher requirements of the uniformity of the tire is put forward,which lead to higher and higher requirements of work precision of the vulcanizing press,so the...
Hydraulic vulcanizer structure characteristics[17-09-26]
The hydraulic vulcanizer structure has the following characteristics: 1、Vulcanizer organism is of fixed frame-type, compact structure, good rigidity, and little deformation under the big molmerged forces, helpful for tire life and tire...
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