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How to select sensor characteristics of various sensors

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co. Ltd.Website:www.jmtsensor.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 15:09

  Regardless of the type of sensor, all temperature sensors have to consider the above elements

  No matter what the most important measure, is to ensure that the medium measuring equipment itself does not affect the measured. Touch temperature measurement, which is particularly important. The sensor selection scale and equipment wire is precisely the planning factors, in order to reduce the "lever effect" and other measurement fault.

  After the impact on the measurement of the medium is reduced to the minimum, how to accurately measure the medium becomes essential. The accuracy of touch sensor measuring the fundamental characteristics and accuracy. If the "lever effect" to treatment planning questions, more accurate. Also an utterly inadequate measure sensor

  Echoes are affected by the quality of sensor components and are affected by wires. The smaller the sensor, the faster the response

  YSI Temperature uses micro bead technology to produce some of the fastest commercial thermal resistance echoes

  With microprocessor, the nonlinear output can be easily adjusted, so the signal conditioning of the sensor output is more doubtful..YSI 4800Linearizing Circuit promises to linearize the output of the thermistor by single component

  In the acquisition of numerous agents seeking the cheapest parts, engineers know that the sensor "penny goods" of the importance of.YSI thermistor for all planning to provide the primary price

  The temperature range of each sensor is also different. The temperature range of the thermocouple series is the most extensive, and it passes over a plurality of thermocouple types

  The accuracy depends on the basic sensor characteristics. The accuracy of all sensor types varies. However, the platinum element and thermistor have the highest accuracy. Generally speaking, the higher the accuracy, the higher the quoted price

  The common degree of stability of a sensor over time on the accuracy of long time resolution. The stability of the basic physical characteristics of the sensor resolution. High temperature will generally fall. The stability of winding platinum and glass package type thermistor sensor is the most stable. The stability of thermocouple and semi conductor is the worst.

  The output of the sensor according to the type of change. The thermistor resistance change inversely with temperature, which has a negative temperature coefficient (NTC). Platinum based metal has a positive temperature coefficient (PTC). The thermocouple kV output is low, and will follow the change of the temperature change. The semiconductor general can adjust the way. All digital signal output.

  The linearity of the definition of the output of the sensor to change in temperature in the condition of scale must. Thermistor exponential nonlinear sensitivity, low temperature sensitivity is much higher than that under high temperature. With the microprocessor widely in the sensor signal conditioning circuit in the use of more and more, the linearity of the sensor is not in doubt.

  Electricity, and platinum thermistor elements demand stable voltage or current. Power conditioning on control thermistor or platinum RTD in active heating is very important. The current conditioning is less important. A semiconductor thermocouple voltage output will occur.

  Echo time, which indicates the temperature sensor of the speed, scale and quality depends on the sensor element (assuming that the use of speculation measures) semiconductor. Echoing the slowest speed. The speed of response of winding platinum element is second slow. Platinum film, thermal resistance and thermocouple supply of small package, and with high speed micro glass option. Bead thermistor is echoing the fastest equipment.

  Electrical noise that causes temperature to be incorrect is a prime question in the use of thermocouples. In some cases, very high resistance thermistors can be a question

  Wire resistance may cause the thermistor or RTD resistive device appeared. The use of low resistance fault equipment (such as 100 ohm platinum element) or low resistance thermistor, this effect will be more significant. On the platinum element, using the three wire or four wire equipment to eliminate the doubt about the thermistor,

  The resistance is usually eliminated by progressive resistance. Thermocouples need to use extension lines and connectors of the same material as wires, or they may cause errors

  Although thermocouples are the cheapest and most widely used sensors, the cost performance of NTC thermistors is often the highest

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