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How does the magnetoelastic displacement sensor work?

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co. Ltd.Website:www.jmtsensor.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 14:58

  The working principle of magnetostrictive displacement sensor:

  When the starting pulse is transmitted in the waveguide wire, a rotating magnetic field along the direction of the waveguide wire is generated along with the start pulse of the electronic circuit in the electronic storehouse,

  When the magnetic field and magnetic field durability meet or float during the occurrence of the magnetostrictive effect, the waveguide wire twist, this is a twist in the electronic equipment cabin pickup can arrange the perception and converted into the corresponding current pulse,

  By calculating the time difference between two pulses, the measured displacement and liquid level can be accurately measured

  Advantages and disadvantages of magnetostrictive displacement sensor

  Now, in the displacement measurement, encoder must take up a large part of the shopping mall, but the encoder must also have defects, such as simple damage, short service life, interrupted by the power supply interruption, resulting in some occasions are not applicable

  The output of SSI magnetostrictive displacement sensor has the following benefits: 1) the standard RS485/RS422 digital output signal, SSI synchronous serial data output to the same format and must output encoder output gray code or binary code,

  It can be easily used as an alternative to the encoder as a displacement measurement. Both interfaces are compatible and can be completely replaced. 2) the reliability of the magnetostrictive displacement sensor is excellent, and the SSI signal has very high anti-interference performance,

  Can communicate with remote transmission, data synchronization method, used in a variety of closed-loop control system, convenient and various controller or PLC connection, and the equipment is simple, the use of long life, will greatly reduce the encoder than repair workload.

  3) output orientation is a certain value, flash controller can be read at any time, without interruption of power supply, and then switch on, do not need to start from scratch. The encoder must be punctual calibration, power to zero from scratch, and so on

  The SSI output magnetostrictive displacement sensor compensates for these defects of the intended encoder

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