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General classification of displacement sensors

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co. Ltd.Website:www.jmtsensor.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 15:02

  Classification according to the mode of motion:

  1.1 linear displacement sensor

  The function of the linear displacement sensor is to convert the linear mechanical displacement into electrical signals.

  1.2 angle displacement sensor

  Angle displacement sensors are used for obstacle handling: use angle sensors to control your.

  Wheels can find obstructions indirectly. Sort by material

  2.1 Hall displacement transducer

  Its measurement principle is to keep the excitation current of the hall element (see the semiconductor magnetic sensitive element) unchanged and move it in a gradient magnetic field, then the displacement is proportional to the Hall potential of the output

  2.2 photoelectric displacement sensor photoelectric displacement sensor

  It measures the displacement or geometric size of the object according to the amount of luminous flux that the object is blocking.

  Nominal resistance: the resistance indicated on the potentiometer.

  Repeat accuracy: the smaller the parameter, the better.

  Resolution: the minimum displacement value that the displacement sensor can feed. The smaller the parameter, the better. The resolution of the conductive plastic displacement sensor is infinitesimal.

  Allowable error: the difference between the nominal resistance and the actual resistance and the ratio of the nominal resistance to the nominal resistance is called the resistance deviation, which indicates the accuracy of the potentiometer. Generally, the allowable error is only within the range of + 20%, because the general displacement sensor is used in the way of partial pressure, and the size of the specific resistor has no influence on the data acquisition of the sensor.

  Linear accuracy: linear error. The smaller the parameter, the better.

  Lifetime: conductive plastic displacement sensors are more than 2 million times

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